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If you are completely overwhelmed during the day with multiple discharges and admissions, tell me how you would prioritize your day.

1 Answer

I was somewhat stumped. Having such little information, I was left to say that I would simply prioritize based on the patients' acuity as well as do my best to ensure that anything I was doing wouldn't throw off the schedule of any other department in the hospital. I'm not sure how it went over. We'll see. It's only been a day and I haven't been contacted about an offer or anything to the contrary. But I left with generally positive feelings about the interview.

If you are busy and a patient's call light goes off, what would you do?

1 Answer

How would you add diversity to the work environment and your job as a nurse?

Why do you think you would make a good resident assistant.

1 Answer

“How did you deal with a difficulty patient/situation, and if you encounter it second time what would you do?”

Experience with negative customer/patient, and how you handled it.

1 Answer

If you had unlimited resources, what activity would you organize?

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How would you make sure everyone on your RA floor felt comfortable and engaged in floor events.

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Why are you seeking work?

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How many years of experience with computers?

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