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Four Seasons
Residential Concierge was asked...September 14, 2019

Describe a time when you made a mistake and how you handled it.

2 Answers

Mistakes happens. It’s how you conduct yourself that matters. For example a guest asked me to buy a few items at the supermarket. One of the items was the wrong one. In luxury service what I did was once . When we find out the item was the wrong one I radio the valet to go buy the correct item while I was helping them unload the items. At the end ,the resident didn’t have to wait and was very appreciate tive on how fast and * *NSYNC The team was. I removed the wrong item and ask them if they need it anything else. They said they done at the moment and thank you so much for your assistance. Fast actions is SERVICE. Less

I described a mistake I made when making a sale and described how I fixed the mistake without inconveniencing the guest. Less

Capitol Concierge

Have you ever worked in hospitality before?

1 Answers

Would you be able to lift 5-30 pound boxes on the job?


Why do I think I would be a good fit?

1 Answers

Looking fir something exciting and challenging and wanting to know Boston better. Less


What is hospitality to you?

1 Answers

Going above and beyond.

NVT Staffing

No verbal questions just questions on the test.

1 Answers

Overall, the interview took about 30 mins. Oh yeah! Make sure you dress to impress (white shirt, black slacks & shoes, etc..) They will send you home if you don't. Less

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

Make sure its not a personal answer. Describe how you can contribute to the team and the residents through your professional background. Less

Claibon Recruitment

What experience i had

2 Answers

My background was in hospitality so this field was new to me but i took to it like a duck to water as health and safety and security are two important issues to me. Less

I have a good amount of experiences in dealing with difficult situations


They looked at my resume, and then said that "It looks like you have previously worked in areas where you could make a difference. Why would you want to work for Tillinger's given that you won't have the same opportunity?"

Capitol Concierge

What is your availability to work?

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