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How important is safety ?

7 Answers

Mine an yours well being first an foremost I arrive at work in good condition I Definitely want to come home n good condition an always be aware of your souroundings.

Safety is important for everyone, and is everyone's responsibility. Being a safety conscience employee will eliminate loss of man hours due to accidents or loss of life.

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Tell me about a time something went wrong on the job what did you do ?

3 Answers

Tell me about a time when something unsafe happened . What did you do and how did you make it safe ?

4 Answers

What would you bring to the company if brought on board?

2 Answers

Name a time you received on the job training and how did you handle it?

2 Answers

Tell me about a time you and a coworker had a big disagreement. What happened and how did you resolve?

2 Answers

What kind of driving experience do you have?

1 Answer

From 1 to 10 how good are you with a commercial Cdl lincense . With 10 being the best. Give me a number and why?

1 Answer

how my day was going

1 Answer

What to do with an angry customer

1 Answer
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