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Dtdc Courrier and Cargo
CMO was asked...October 13, 2019

What is your previous company?

3 Answers

Why do chose us?


Mediday healthcare pvt Ltd

Faculdade Flamingo

O processo foi longo e é difícil dizer qual pergunta fez mais sentido. Conversei pessoalmente com o mantenedor, responsável pelo projeto que seria meu escopo no futuro cargo. Projetos e sonhos foram alinhados e o trabalho começou.

1 Answers

Foram muitas respostas rs!

CMO was asked...September 21, 2015

What will be my best skill that I have to offer this company.

1 Answers

With complete honesty and integrity.

CMO was asked...June 7, 2016

How can you put us above our competition in the current market today?

1 Answers

By implementing more aggressive and more effective marketing strategies. Adding a more personable vibe to the Donor solicitation process allows a person to feel for your cause and thus obtain maximum individual donor support. Less


Berufliche Erfahrungen und Meilensteine.

1 Answers

20 Jahre und grösster Meilenstein: Montblanc

Dtdc Courrier and Cargo
CMO was asked...October 13, 2019

What are your future planing?

1 Answers

It went good

Si tenia experiencvia en negociaciones y firmas de contratos complejos

1 Answers

Les dije que si y les di varios ejemplos


How do you like working retail

1 Answers

What kind of question is that?

H1 Partners Serviços Financeiros

Você busca a perfeição no seu dia a dia profissional?

1 Answers

Não busco a perfeição, busco ser bom o suficiente para atingir meus objetivos.Muitas vezes ser bom o suficiente é mais importante que ser perfeito. Less


Most unexpected question was ...... What to you do over and above to reach a target .

1 Answers

Well i had to think a bit , and remembered back when i ran a small farm with my late husband and basically worked till dusk till dawn to get Hay in as the weather was going to change and we had to clear a field or loose alot of profit Less

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