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Sell me this tape dispenser.

2 Answers

Need to be able to show you can highlight some of the positive attributes of the tape dispenser, and while you're at it, you might as well pick something else up from the desk and try to package it together with the tape dispenser.

Introduce yourself the the "customer" - Hi, I'm bla bla bla, im going to sell you shiii... Ask questions..."what kind of dispenser do you have now?" "what do you find important in a dispenser?"... Recommend the item you are selling, based on what you now know of the "customer" - "I know you need double sided tape that is reliably sticky, at an affordable price, you should check out this brand." Ask them if they want to buy it, by saying- "do you want me to ring this up?" or "do you want this black one, or would you like the white one from the back room?"

What do you do if you are unfamiliar with a product?

2 Answers

If someone yells at you because you can't seat them, how do you handle the situation?

1 Answer

How to deal with employees who are not working to a satisfactory level.

1 Answer

What would you do if someone walked in the door as the phone began to ring.

1 Answer

if someone complain about bad service, how would you handle the situation?

1 Answer

Has there ever been a time where you witnessed a fellow employee find money on the ground and kept it for themselves rather than turning it in to lost and found or human resource? If so, please explain how you would approach the employee and ask them about the money.

1 Answer

Give me a time when your manager expressed disastisfaction with your work performance.

1 Answer

How would you describe your attitude towards guests who are not always pleasant?

1 Answer

How have you gone above and beyond for a guest/customer in your past jobs?

1 Answer
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