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How well do you work in a team enviroment?

3 Answers

I get along quite well with the team. I work very hard at the task at hand and try to see if anyone needs my help and I feel good about myself taking the lead and to motivate people in getting the job well done.

I love working anyone.. So.. I will do my best to help each other.. So we cuold work smooth and easy..

I work well in a team, i know how to listeand communicate. I love hearing others opinions on how to handle situations best.

if someone complain about bad service, how would you handle the situation?

1 Answer

What's your favorite book right now?

4 Answers

Tell me about your strongest asset and tell me how it is also a weakness.

3 Answers

Past experience

3 Answers

How well do you think you handle yourself in large groups of people?

2 Answers

What would you do if you realize you are short staffed as 2 people call in in a team of 7?

2 Answers

What did you do to improve sales and the bottom line in the facility you are currently managing?

2 Answers

Why would you like to work for this company?

2 Answers

They were all easy, general interview questions.

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