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System Engineer Interview Questions in Reston, VA


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How comfortable are you with giving presentations?

1 Answer

Fairly comfortable. I gave a few in college but it is not a responsibility at my current position.

Various basic unix questions including how to find processes, parent processes, large files, filesystem usage, resource limits and how to set kernel parameters.

2 Answers

Give an example of an occasion in which you determined a root cause of a problem.

1 Answer

What is your greatest weakness.

1 Answer

In DNS, what is an A record, CNAME, TTL, negaive TTL, SOA.

1 Answer

Knowledge of the client space in which I was being hired for.

1 Answer

What type of role are you now looking to pursue?

1 Answer

None of the questions were difficult. Just questions about my work history and my experience with certain presented technologies.

Can you whiteboard a sample customer presentation?

1 Answer

.Are you familiar with Has (high Availability)

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