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System Engineer Interview Questions in Reston, VA


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Give an example of an occasion in which you determined a root cause of a problem.

1 Answer

An example from my experience.

In DNS, what is an A record, CNAME, TTL, negaive TTL, SOA.

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Various basic unix questions including how to find processes, parent processes, large files, filesystem usage, resource limits and how to set kernel parameters.

2 Answers

How comfortable are you with giving presentations?

1 Answer

What is your greatest weakness.

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.Are you familiar with Has (high Availability)

1 Answer

About my past experience with engineering?

Did I have familiarity with an SOP

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Behavoiral questions What your enemy says about you. How do you manage bad day. What your co workers and friends thinks about you

None of the questions were difficult. Just questions about my work history and my experience with certain presented technologies.

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