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What was a time you handled a difficult client?

2 Answers

Explain a time where you had to be a team player?

I provided an example of a time when a customer was very frustrated that there was a hole in the shirt she had bought. I was able to speak calmly with her and offer her a full refund, which seemed to diffuse the situation.

How would you sell a Macy's credit card?

1 Answer

Do you have cash handling experience?

6 Answers

How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

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What would you do if you seen someone stealing money?

4 Answers

one of the questions before she stops the interview: what will you do if one of your colleagues was doing an unethical action?

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How could you be an asset to footlocker?

3 Answers

Describe a time where you had to manage competing tasks

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At the end of the "humoring" review and affected discussion of my resume, I was asked why a person with my level of education with a degree from a college well known for its exclusivity of aptitude and challenging degree programs (obviously, more brusquely put than this, i think it was more like, "someone who went to a smart school") wanted a "job at a mall?" Not only was the delivery of her quick, astute summary of my resume unexpected, so was the suddenly subjective turn in questioning, and thus the inherent risk therein of an explanatory, comprehensive answer...

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Who is someone you look up to for style inspiration?

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