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None of the questions were difficult, per se, but they don't seem to really like any indication that you know more than basic operation of their computers, devices or apps. So if you do know more than that, the most difficult part will be hiding the fact that you do. From what I saw, Repair, Creative, and Genius positions are hired from within - either an employee who does internal training or an employee who refers an "outsider."

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If you're interviewing for Retail and want to go further than that, just say that you would like to go further, but don't go into detail about what you've fixed, troubleshooted, or repaired. Leave them thinking that they're going to teach you everything fresh, from scratch, if you really need the job. They are only interested in whether you are willing to work the "least glamorous" position for a time and pay your dues, before moving up.

Tell us about your job responsibilities...seems easy, but working in retail, everyone knows the job duties are endless and quite varied (unless you are used as a dedicated cashier), so it's too easy to ramble on this question!

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NONE. Initially part-time employment was sought, which later evolved to full time employment after some extra effort.

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What do I consider my best trait?

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How did I handle difficult employees?

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I didn't find any question to be difficult. However, if I HAD to recall one as being more/slightly more difficult than the others: Hypothetical situation: You're at the end of your scheduled shift and the coworker scheduled to take over after you has failed to arrive. What do you do?

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Give an example of poor customer service? Why do you want to work at Meijer?

How well do you work with others?

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A lot of behavioral questions pertaining to customer service, team work, and past work experiences.

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