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Retail Leadership Development Program Interview Questions


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When did you over-promise to a customer? When did you have to make an unpopular decision?

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I rated the interview as difficult, because it can be if you are not prepared. you must really study all these questions and practice answering them in the STAR method. Look up websites with interview questions and answers, and then practice that format and answer them in a personal way to your situation.

How long did your interview process take? I'm currently interviewing now and have been waiting since June to go to Atlanta.

Phone interview near end of feb....interview in June then scheduled to start Next month or August.

What is your management style

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Demonstrate your selling abilities using something in this room.

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Say you're a Supervisor. How would you handle an employee who is not performing up to expectations? Perhaps they've been fine in the past but the past 3 days or so you've noticed a difference.

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All easy- Use STAR method when answering questions

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Imagine you are a team leader and have participated in a training explaining a new scheduling system. This scheduling system will increase customer service but will also require that the sales reps work more weekends. Now, you have to go explain this system to your co-worker. Role-play.

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Were you ever criticized negatively about your work in front of your peers/co-workers? And how did you handle it?

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What are the criteria you would follow to open a retail store?