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3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page

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it was a fallow up from a previous question... just take your time and be calm

1) # of sales before and after, obviously 2) click-through rate before and after (it tells me how intuitive the UI is for the user, as well as if there is a bug at a certain point, causing a dropoff in the CTR) 3) # of visits to the help page/FAQ page before and after (it tells me that the user might be unfamiliar with the UI)

The question is too vague, we should emphasize that the metrics are driven by the product goal. Perhaps adding an example from your experience might be good too. On high level without clear understanding of the feature that was developed on the page 1.) # of users visiting this page and who have seen this new section 2.) # of users who used any call to action in the component developed 3.) # of users who might have dropped off after certain actions. Other metrics (esp. if the page is critical) could be - 4.) Page load times with the module (it could be huge if the section in the page has multiple service calls for example)

what kinds of fashion blogs do you read

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Tell me a time where you made a Costomer happy

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Can you come in whenever I need you?

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Tell us about the teacher you like the most and the one you hate the most. How did they influence your life?

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Within 5 years, what will you be or what do you want to achieve?

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Why do you want to work for KeyBank?

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Tell me about a project you worked on where you had to obtain information and how did you it?

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How do rate yourself as far as talking and meeting people? Rate 1-10 How do you rate yourself in sales, how competitive are you? Rate 1-10

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What drives you?

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