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The interview was more of a discussion. We spoke about my experiences at my previous employers and what I was able to achieve. And what I could bring to my new position.

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I talked about the plans I created at my previous employer, including merchandising, product development, staffing, and financial and budgeting experience.

What topping would you be in a Pizza?

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The dress code..........I was asked how I felt about having to wear dresses or skirts all the time. No pants allowed at all.

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Tell us about a situation where you were opposed on an idea or process by your direct superviosor how did you handle the situation and what would you have done differently.

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What about the position and/or company interested you?

Previos experience and why I am interested in interning at BCBG

1) Explain a time you faced a difficult situation at the workplace and how you overcame it. 2) Tell me more about yourself 3) Explain a time when you recognized the efforts of a colleague and how you appreciated him/her. 4) Why did you leave your previous job?

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