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how did you deal with unhappy customers?

4 Answers

sit them down to discuss their problems/issues and give them viable solutions to help them see that there is a positive side to the situation

Explaining this with a real time scenario will be great

Talk about something that is relevant to them until he/she trust me and open up. People want to be heard.

what did you dislike about your current/previous job?

2 Answers

What do you think of when you hear Verizon?

3 Answers

What is your 10 year plan with the company - threw me off guard because I hadn't really though that far ahead.

4 Answers

Tell me what stood out to you about the Credo (Received through e-mail, I didn't expect to be asked about it on the first phone interview. They will ask on the phone and in person.).

1 Answer

Name a time when you could not meet a goal or deadline and what you did so that it wouldnt happen agian.

1 Answer

How would you upsale.

1 Answer

Why leave last job

1 Answer

other say about work ethic

1 Answer

Sell me a product of your choice (and I had to do a presentation selling them a product and they gave me up to 2 minutes to prepare for the presentation).

1 Answer
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