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What is your 10 year plan with the company - threw me off guard because I hadn't really though that far ahead.

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I told them I would like to work in sales then move into being a network tech, as I am getting my CCNA soon.

Terrific answer to a dumb question. Their process is lengthy. I believe they are in a hiring freeze at this point. Be persisteny, call/email once or twice weekly until they either hire you or tell you that you didn't get the job.

Guarantee the interview stops and you're offered the job after this answer or at very least set you far apart from other candidates.. works in every interview even for a corporate job. Hope this helps. In 10 years i want to be in a management position. Leading my own team and working toward challenging targets. To achieve this goal, my short term objectives are to: step 1..establish myself within your team and learn as much as i can about your products and services in order to maximize all selling opportunities. step 2..I'm Naturally driven by achieving financial targets so I want to understand the commission structure in more detail to make sure that i achieve targets consistently. Step 3. I want to make contact with all my new accounts, (a) to understand all my customers and their needs and (b) develop plans for them for the next 2, 4, and 6 years. Step 4.. After consistently achieving targets over a long period of time, I will put together a training plan with my manager, understanding the skills i would need to develop in order to achieve my target of leading and developing my own team. By breaking down the 10 year plan into smaller and manageable chunks, I believe it provides me with clarity and direction needed to achieve this goal.

How would you upsale.

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Why leave last job

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other say about work ethic

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coaching for bad performance

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How have you handled trouble customer

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Sell me your phone right now.

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What would motivate me in a sales position

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How would you deal with a difficult co-worker

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All questions are customer service/sales/basic ethics related. "Tell me about a time that a customer or client was unhappy with you or your company, and how did you handle the situation".

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