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At Macy's, we do something called making "Magic" where, when you noticed a customer has just made a purchase, you congratulate them. Like if a woman has just purchased a dress, you say, 'You will look great in that dress.' Have you ever has an experience making "Magic" for somebody?

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I don't know. (Than I thought of something.) I once got my mother a gift for Mother's Day that she actually wanted and liked.

What would you do in a situation where somebody was doing something dishonest?

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Have you ever worked in a team to get things accomplished?

How did you overcome a bad experience with a customer?

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- get to pick 5 sunglasses Will asked why you chose it.

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What was your previous work? Have you every had conflict with a co-worker? What would your previous boss have to say about you? What would you do in _____ situation? Why do you want to work at primark? What do you think you can bring to the table?

How can I bring value to the business?

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How would you sell this specific item.

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