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Retail store manager Interview Questions

"Retail store managers have many responsibilities including keeping increasing sales, handling displeased customers, and managing other employees. For this reason, retail store owners will be looking to hire individuals with great interpersonal skills and a proven history of increasing the profitability of retail stores. During an interview, expect to be given case studies about unsatisfied customers, underperforming employees, and other relevant scenarios."

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Describe a time that you dealt with a teammember who felt disciminated against.

2 Answers

I addressed my team member's issue face to face and educated her as to why I was requesting certain information be documented.

The first step is listen the team member about the concern, explain the why on documentation are require (example: laws, policies and procedures, etc) documented the conversation and refer to Human Resources Department as the situation require.

What qualifications do you look for in an employee ?

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What would you do if one of your employees came to you with a very personal problem that did not have anything to do with their job?

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You have a problem employee that you must fire as soon as possible and you have to change the store out for a brand new promotion the next day. Would you fire the employee first or wait until the store closed and put up the new promotional material?

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everything you can imagine.

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Give a specific example of a time when you had to direct a team to complete a project. How did you determine who to assign and how to break down the tasks?

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Tell me about a time when you dealt with an upset customer.

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whats your worst quality

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What do you consider great customer service?

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I was asked about a time when I thought my supervisor was wrong and how did I handle it.

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