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Tell me about a time that you had a bad experience with a customer.

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Just explain the situation. Where you were, what happened, what the customer said, what you said back to the customer, how you handled the situation, how it was resolved, and if the customer was happy with the solution. Broken down example: I previously worked in a grocery store, so I used a situation where the customer was upset because items she chose were not WIC approved for her voucher. The task was to make the customer understand why the items weren't approved (wrong brand) and get her the correct items. The action was that I went with the customer to the aisle and helped her get the correct items, I pointed out to her the WIC approved sticker on the shelves. The result was she understood the problem and was able to successfully get her items without causing too much of a scene. However, when you answer the questions, don't break it down this way just freely explain and use more details. You don't want them to have to continuously ask you for more details.

Why do I want to work there?

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They wanted me to try to sell them a pen.

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What would you do if a customer informed you of new information on a recent technology.

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describe a time you had to deal with an angry customer?

All of their questions are performance based questions and they like you to be very detailed. As an example, "tell me a time when you had to teach someone a new process in detail." Once you have answered the question they then ask you to expand even more.

Tell me about a time you had a difficult experience with a client and how did you over come it?

Would you sell a phone that makes you the most money even though it's way too much for the customer?

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Sell me your phone?

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