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The technical interview consisted of a variety of questions on pricing, Fixed Income, numerical analysis. One question was: You are at the horse racetrack. Four horses are racing. Betting on any horse costs $100. Betting on the first three horses pays off $400. The fourth horse pays off $399. If you can both take and "write" bets, what is your strategy for riskless profit?

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Write bets for all four horses, if possible simultaneously. Then repeat.

Tell me about a time when you were part of a team or group project and things went wrong and how you handled it.

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Typical questions. Why do you want this job? Why are you leaving your current job? What did you like about your old job? What're you looking for from the company?

Why did you choose the actuarial field? Tell me about past internship.

What issues are you aware of that are affecting the retirement/pension industry?

What do you know about Excel?

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Tell me about yourself. What is your experience with excel? What do you like to do? (very open ended) Tell us about your last internship.

There was no real interview as I was returning to similar work part time from my retired status

Who has played the most influential role in your life and why

Very general questions, a lot had to do with teamwork, only the HR guy asked typical "interview" questions. Conversational.

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