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Sell me your pen. Tell me a time you did something for someone and you didn't expect anything in return. Why American? If you were CEO of American how would you improve American Airlines day 1?

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When did you get the offer?

I went to the same interview, but I have not heard anything from AA yet. I am very nervous that I didn't get it, I believe that I did well at the interview.

I interviewed last Thursday, and they called me Wednesday to offer me the position. They are hiring multiple people, so hopefully you all get one too! If not they said they hire for RM in October and March. Anything else I can help with just let me know here!

Very straight forward.

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What route would you start and why?

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I was asked an algebra work problem, something like "If you can do X work in 2 hours and another person can do Y work in 4 hours, when will you finish if you work together?"

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Now that I've described how our company operates here in the States, how does that compare with your current employer which is also based in Italy?

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Prioritize these five situations according to which one you would want to deal with as soon as possible to the ones that could be dealt with later. a. Southwest offers 10% discount on all fares. b. United launches new route from Salt Lake City to *some city* in Montana. c. AirTran lowers fares for college students traveling to Florida in March. d. You're giving a presentation to your VP in 1 hour and haven't started preparing. e. United, AirTran, and Southwest all increase prices on fares for 3 different routes that AA also flies.

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Who is Frontiers biggest competitor?

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We have a timed math test for you ...

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About how many cups of coffee do you think Starbucks sells in Manhattan per day? (from phone interview)

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How many marbles would fill a B747 cabin?

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