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standard questions, tell me about a time when, when you, how you........ There was also a test related to Microsoft office. Again it was very simple, not what you would expect from a management position.

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Why did you apply for this position working with the Child Support Division?

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Say you are the new manager at Burger King and on your first day, the employees are all there and your manager is there and tells you that sales have dropped 50% from the previous quarter. What are the 3 questions you would ask?

No questions to the applicant regarding experience or prior positions however, many towards what is revenue cycle. Second RED FLAG. They want someone with extensive experience but unable to comprehend how to leverage skill or define their needs.

Detailed descriptions of how GAAP is applied ot specific situations

Why Piedmont?

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Typical questions.. decscribe your work experience, what was the hardest or most challenging issue you faced etc.

Can you handle managing difficult employees?

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