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Why would people come if I try to hire them into Maxlinear.

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Because they have followed before.

There was a question on BJT working and design

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Asked about projects on my resume

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Questions based on things mentioned in Resume. Data converters to noise analysis

One of the most difficult questions was about different parameters and model of an integrated circuit component.

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Noise figure of cascaded system

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How to design a RF PA ( from my resume ) may not be applicable to others and same for LNA.

Block diagram of full Transceiver Module ( Transmit and Receive Chain including antenna and BPF with switch is expected ) After drawing it, questions related to sensitivity of RX chain , it's derivation with equation and after that a mathematical problem , was expected to find the final receiver sensitivity or noise floor to be specific for certain frequency band. After that question related to noise and small signal modeling and how to change gm of a Mosfet to reduce noise floor of previous question . Was expected to draw and complete small Signal modeling and then noise modeling and explain the situation .

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