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RF Engineer Interview Questions

Interviews for RF engineering jobs are designed to be heavily technical as well as to inquire about your past experience in radio technology. Employers are looking for strong and intelligent team members to make their communication products stronger and more competitive and will be looking to hire confident individuals with a solid foundation in engineering skills. A bachelor's degree in electrical engineering is expected.

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What are the effects of a mismatched circuit?

4 Answers

unwanted heat and intermodulation products

IIP2 & DC Offsets

Mismatched circuits can produce excess heat, DC offsets, intermodulation products, and other unwanted complications.

What is DAS?

2 Answers

What will be the greatest contribution that you can ever make as an individual to your team

1 Answer

Why 50 ohm, not 75 ohm?

4 Answers

ADC related questions

2 Answers

Do you mind working on weekends?

3 Answers

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In general, if you have a good experience it should be fine

2 Answers

Why I want to leave my current job

2 Answers

What kind of Coax cable is used?

2 Answers

What are the KPI of AT&T?

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