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Smith charts for LNA matching + LNA design (gain/NF/IIP3 optimization) + Inductor design + RF Switch design + OpAmps/LDOs + Bandgaps

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all text book questions. Make sure to review LNA design and basic analog concepts

Perform a simple impedance match between two impedances.

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Describe the biasing scheme you used for an LNA project, and why you chose that biasing scheme.

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On site they were highly non-professional. They asked me to draw design schematics of my current employer. They do things hastily and try to create pressing environment so that you can tell them something. If you are going from big names like Mediatek, Samsung, Qualcomm or Broadcom then be careful, they are bunch of beginners who are trying to interview many people everyday so that they can get to know good design toplogies and try to copy over. This is just what I felt.

Fundamentals of RFIC circuit design, impedance matching, noise analysis, system-level analysis

two tone test, finding gain and impedance, filters, etc

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