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How many people do you think are using their cell phone in the entire world at this very moment?

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This is time dependent, so state the facts, make some assumptions and narrow down to a number with some calculations. - World population of roughly 7bn people - We'll assume that people of ages 16-60 are those who would own a cell phone, and that of people in that bracket, there is 75% penetration - Furthermore, we'll make an assumption that if a global average life span is roughly 80 years, we have bracketed 45 of those years in our focus group, which is a little more than 50% of the global population. Making an assumption of even distribution, let's work with an audience of 4bn people. Now, what time is it? What countries worldwide are in daylight hours? The time right now is 18:30pm GMT. The areas in daylight hours are Europe, Western Africa, and The Americas. We will assume that those using cell phones in unsociable hours only form a negligible amount of the total and so shall be disregarded. Again working by an even distribution assumption (As wrong in real life as it may be, this is for the purposes of an interview question), let's assume that since we're only working with about half of the globe, we're also only working with half our focus group. Therefore, we have an audience of 2bn people with a cell phone. But how many are actually using them? This can depend on the time of day, and what day it is, plus other factors. - At this stage, I'd throw out there that about 1/20 of those with access and ownership of a mobile phone are using it, giving us an estimate of 100m people. I think regardless of the number you come out with, it's your thought process that gets you through this question.

How many people in the world are on their cell phones at this moment?

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How many dogs are in the US?

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