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Business Systems Analyst Interview Questions in Richmond, VA

"Business systems analysts work closely with a company's IT systems to optimize operations and maximize its business performance. Employers are looking for candidates with a combination of excellent IT and communication skills as well as an understanding of how the company conducts its business. In preparation for an interview, be ready to discuss your ability to manage multiple projects at once, offer advice around resource allocation, and influence clients to follow your recommendations."

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Tell me a time when you had to influence clients to follow a different course of action.

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I explained the context for my client's initial inclination and how I persuaded them to adopt a different alternative through case studies, data and postulating how their selection would impact their users in the future (creative visualization).

Describe a time where you had to convince someone to see your point of view and how you went about it.

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Job fit - business requirement vs system requirement vs design Case - How to go about reducing the # of credit care welcome packets

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Describe a situation where you had to juggle more than one important task at once with varying deadlines and how you were able to handle this situation.

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How do you deal with fast paced project deliverable and demanding customers?

Manually calculate the number of days from a project schedule.