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They were mainly concerned about two things: Why I'd left my last job and how my background, (which was not exactly traditional) would translate well for the position I was applying for. Finally, they wanted to know how I was going to attract and retain people for in demand positions.

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I was very careful when answering the first question because I did not wish to paint my previous employers in a negative light. Because I was asked this question so often, I varied the answers a bit, one time going a bit off the reservation and perhaps revealing more personal information than was necessary. It all boiled down to that I was experiencing extreme burnout and had reached the top of opportunities for advancement at my former position. I explained how I wanted to be in an environment that offered mentorship and professional development. The second question was harder to answer. In this I tried to paint a detailed description of my former job and how I thought my background would allow me to make immediate and significant contributions. For the third question, I said that I would need to learn more about the climate at HCA and the total compensation packages in each individual area before I could give a detailed answer their question.

What are two of your greatest professional accomplishments?

Why are you looking for a new position?

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Give an example of a time you had to explain a concept/theory to someone who didn't have background knowledge on the subject.

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