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Credit card insurance case: calculate break-even claim rate where response rate = 2%, fee charged = 1% of monthly balance, and average balance = $1,000 per month.

8 Answers

break-even claim rate = 9.5%

How did you come up to that answer? Thank you

Can you please explain how you got to the break even claim rate?

Tell me about a time when you had to convince someone to see your point of view.

3 Answers

Case interview - analysis of call center timings

2 Answers

Tell me about a time when you had to go against the majority of your group in a work situation.

1 Answer

To be honest, I was extremely well-qualified for the job. I knew more about the job than my interviewers did. Now that I am with the company, I sometimes hear interviewers giving consultant-type interview questions. For example, you have 8 marbles. The marbles are exactly the same in every way, except that one of the marbles is slightly heavier than the others. You can't feel the difference just by holding the marbles, but a simple scale will easily show the difference. You happen to have a simple scale, and the bucket on each side will hold up to 10 marbles. Unfortunately, you don't have much time. What is the smallest number of weighings that you can take to find the heavier marble, and exactly how would you do it?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself? Thats the worst question any Employer can ask since most people dont feel comfortable bragging about themselves

1 Answer

It wasn't what was asked, it was how it was asked. It had all the charm of a pelvic exam.

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How do you deal with non responsive team members

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Relatively straightforward questions that were tailored to the position. Nothing unfair.

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the case study

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