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Senior Project Manager Interview Questions in Richmond, VA

"When interviewing for a position as a senior project manager, you can expect to be asked not only about your skills and experience as a project manager but also about your ability to hire, place, and mentor other project managers, step in when when a troubled project needs to be turned around, and devise ways to continuously improve project management strategies. Prepare to answer questions about how you would resolve project issues of any size, incorporate the company's business needs into the decisions made in each project, and review projects to determine how you the company can improve from them."

Top Interview Questions

Why I wanted the position.

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Told them what I seek for my career goals and what I like to do and how the job matched up.

What were my greatest strengths.

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Describe a situation where you dealt with conflict.

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Remember one question out of many irrelevant ones: Q: How will you get the work done if your timelines are crunched from 4 weeks to 4 days.

How do you deal with non responsive team members

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How would your superiors describe you? followed by how would your subordinates describe you?

Technical questions posed by the panel of contracted company. Some of the questions were more specific to their business process.

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