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Fairly standard. What's a forward? What's a future? What's an Option? If I produce gold and I'm trying to hedge, should I be long or short? If I have a 50% chance of losing $10 and a 50% chance of gaining $10, what is my expected value? What is Delta? What is the formula for CAPM?, how would I make a synthetic long using options? How would I make a Strangle?

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in order: an agreement to buy a specified item at a future point in time at a price determined today, a standardized forward, the right but not obligation to buy or sell an asset, short, $10, the amount on asset moves for every one point over of another, risk-free-rate + beta * market risk premium, long call + short put, short put + short call with a strike or timing offset

Do you have anti-money laundering experience?

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Why should we pick you over a Navy SEAL who's served four tours or a Secret Service agent who protected the President?

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Why Panda?

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Why Chase? Why risk? How would you go about determining if a check is fraudulent?

If you're stuck in traffic on the freeway, then how would you calculate how many cars are stuck with you? (Thinking out loud)

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