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Risk management Interview Questions

"When applying for position in risk management, you will be interviewed about your analytical skills, finance and accounting knowledge, attention to detail, and knowledge of enterprise accounting software, among other things. The position will require you to point out and avoid potential exposure to financial loss to your company and help your organization correct harmful business practices, so you can expect to be vetted thoroughly by your employer during the interview process."

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How do you determine the risk profile of a company?

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financial statements, cash flows, financial ratios, historic events and company developments

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If a marketing manager were to come to you with a new product to launch, what things would you consider before launching it? What background do you have with big data software? What do you think we use big data for?

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Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

There's a scale where items can be weighed at the ends and 6 cue balls, but only one weighs more than the others. What's the least number of weigh ins possibly in order to determine the heaviest ball?

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Are you willing to travel.

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I was asked general interview questions by the recruiter and director. The director asked if I would accept the job for $16.00/hour.

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How do you deal with uncooperative students?

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The role play case. They asked to read a mini-case and decide with the group who should go in a business trip

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1) Transform the time series for the ten names into weekly data and calculate the weekly return for each name. 2) Calculate the annualized volatility of returns for each name, based on the weekly returns. 3) Generate a 10x10 correlation matrix using the weekly returns (preferably by writing one formula and filling it to the 10x10 grid, instead of amending all formulas for each calculation). 4) Form a portfolio using the single stocks and calculate the return of the portfolio for each week. Use an equal weighting for each single stock and assume the portfolio is rebalanced weekly. 5) Using the equally-weighted portfolio above, find the hedge ratio between the portfolio and the S&P 500 Index which minimizes the weekly volatility of the hedged portfolio . 6) Using the equally-weighted portfolio again, find the optimal hedge ratios for the portfolio assuming you can use any combination of the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000.

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What is something you are passionate about?

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