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The interview was an open format, I basically told them my past experience and what I had been working on through the years. The interviewer would interject and ask specific questions as I was outlining my professional experience.

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1.How do you launch a card product for the small business owners. Describe in detail right from the scratch till end. ( this was in 1st round with director) 2. As a senior manager, what all thing you should be cognitive of while dealing with 50 other different teams 3. Describe a challenging situation you have faced with the client. 4. what is your perspective of work life balance?

How does your experience prepare you for the expanded responsibilities of the position?

What do I currently do and how can I bring that as a valuable asset to the office your interviewing for?

help me work through your resume. Why EY. Why advisory.

How do you see your previous work history as relevant to this position?

What was an experience where you had to demonstrate leadership skills?

Why are you the one who is right for this position? What qualifies you?

Hiring manager asking for a solution specific to the team, likely just a way of better understanding the candidate's thought process and problem solving skills.

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