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Software Development Engineer Interview Questions in Riverside, CA


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If you are going to build a SVM by yourself, describe the logic.

How to make vectors push_back function as efficient as c arrays ? Why it is slow?

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If you would like to implement a ranged base for loop yourself instead of using c++ 11's built in feature, how could you do it?

why unordered map can not use pair of int as keys?

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What data structure under the hood does deque use exactly? Disregarding the push front advantage, why should people use deque?

Tell me about the time you exceed your expectations

HR Phone Interview:- Basic HR Stuff: What kind of workplace would you like to work in; your top qualities; a project you are proud of; Why ESRI? Technical Phone Interview:- Coding: Implement Fibonacci Sequence, another coding question involving string splitting and dictionary, Frontend: Event-loop (JavaScript), ID vs Class vs Inline Specificity (CSS), ID Selectors (CSS), Closure (JavaScript), ES5 vs ES6, Prototypes (JavaScript), Backend: GET vs POST Request, REST API features (stateless) On-Site: Talk about your projects; Whiteboard programming: generate a histogram from given data; IIFE (Javascript); Box-Sizing (CSS), String Matching (SQL), Buffer/Intersect/Union/Reclassify Tools (ArcMap), Design a UX for a Restaurant App (that uses Map/ show locations). Why ESRI?