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Tell me about a mistake you have made in your professional career and how did you learn from it?

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Do not use any negative comment here. Say something non threatening like, "my coworkers always say I am a perfectionist when it comes to my charting because I am very thorough." I will continue to document to the best of my ability if employed here.

What was one of the hardest things you experienced when you started working with Family Care?

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Questions are pretty standard. They ask what is the time when you had an angry family/ client and how did I handle it.

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Tell about a time you had to abrubly stop what you were doing and take care of an urgent situation. What was the outcome?

Do u have any hospital experience?

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Tell me a time where you had to make changes due to business needs? Tell me a time that made you feel that you did not want to be a nurse any longer? All questions are from experiences you've actually had so don't worry.

They asked if it would be difficult to work with a social worker. The work is done in pairs of teams, RN and Social Workers.

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If I felt that going into people's home to conduct nursing assessments would be an issue.

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Experience in the position.

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