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How would you store a web session for a chess game?

2 Answers

Again this was a question outside my area. But I said I'd use session keys / cookies.

2D array of some custom enum that can represent all the chess pieces?

there are 10 types of persons in this world?

3 Answers

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How to simulate a drone for a parking lot to classify number of empty spots

1 Answer

C/C++: sort, array, hash table; C#: tree, garbage collection

1 Answer

What do you look for in a company?

1 Answer

Did not reach the 1st interview

1 Answer

How to navigate a robot without GPS?

1 Answer

How do you reverse a linked list?

1 Answer

You have a robot on a map with some obstacles on the map. The goal is in the corner of the map. How do you navigate the robot from its current position to the goal?

1 Answer

How do I like to eat my cereal

1 Answer
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