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Engineering Interview Questions in Rockville, MD


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What are some programming languages you used?How have you used them and what is your level of use? Have you heard about AFS?

1 Answer

C++, Python, SQL, R — working knowledge on a few academic projects. Yes, I’ve heard of them.

What was a hard project you completed

1 Answer

"STAR" questions, very relaxed, one manager asked what development tools I use

Tell me about your experience doing this.

What was your most challenging assignment and what made it so?

Tell me about a time you failed. How did you handle it.

Mostly about my resume, but at the end, some questions were to test my personality, such as "what NBA player would you say you are most like," or "Whats your favorite sci-fi movie?"

Please solve a problem for me on the board... they gave me a practical coding issue to resolve based on some information they provide