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FINRA Interviews in Rockville /  HQ: Washington, DC

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Westat Interviews in Rockville /  HQ: Rockville, MD

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DrFirst Interviews in Rockville /  HQ: Rockville

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Interview Questions in Rockville

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A shop disagrees with your estimate of labor hours and says you are trying to cheat the customer, who do you handle the situation?

1 Answer

I would ask the shop mechanic how much time he thinks it would take to fix the damages. If it is near my estimate, I would adjust the amount of labor hours to the mechanic’s estimation.

What experiences do you have that are related to the position you are appling for???

2 Answers

"So is this your 5th interview so far today?"

2 Answers

You have a 100 story building and two glasses. By dropping glasses from a given floor, figure out what is the highest floor from which you can drop and glass and it will not break.

2 Answers

How do you feel about administrative work?

1 Answer

do you know how to do ____________________ (mongo DB, bootstrap.js, css, UI dev, cloud foundry, vb script, you name it, can you learn a new app every week, do you GiT, etc.)

1 Answer

Do you wish to do the exact opposite of what Im telling you that you'll be doing?

1 Answer

You do not have a biology background, why are you interested in this position and what can you bring to the job?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

What is your weakest point?

1 Answer
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