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Describe a time when you used common sense.

4 Answers

Just hated that question because my first thought like everyone else would be, "everyday..." I ended up using an example that showed how I reached a problem and took a step back and just applied common sense.

What is Common Sense? Something the US Congress doesn't have.

Was the drug test a hair or urine test? Thanks

What business unit has the most potential?

1 Answer

Explain an experience where you had to go against the majority. (something to that effect).

1 Answer

Have you ever fired any person? How did you feel about it? If you have to do it, will you do it differently?

1 Answer

How did you convince someone with no authority?

1 Answer

How to do deal with conflict?

1 Answer

5) Tell me about a time you’ve been given an assignment or task that you had never done before. How did this make you feel? How did you approach the problem? What were the time scales? How did you do? What was the outcome? Would you have liked to have done anything differently?

1 Answer

4) Thinking about a time you were working in a team of your peers, tell me about a particularly difficult problem the team had to solve. How did the team approach the problem? What role did you play?

1 Answer

1) "Do you have an example of a time you were set (or you set yourself) some particularly challenging objectives. How did you go about ensuring they were met? What problems did you encounter? What was the result?

1 Answer

3) Tell me about a time when you were the only person who stood up for a particular cause or course of action and faced tough resistance. Why did you do this? What challenges did you receive? How did you deal with them? What were the results? What did you learn from this?

1 Answer
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