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Rotating Sales and Support Associate Interview Questions


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Specifically describe a time where you had to handle a large volume of people and how you prioritized your tasks at that time. ( I wasn't specific enough when asked)

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the key to answering this question is to answer it as if you were in the situation in their store. the way i answer it was... when i was working for XXXX we would get very business. worse case scenerio happen pretty often; we would only have one person at a time on the floor. when it came to customers you must attend to them on a first come first serve basis, regardless of what the value of item it is that they will purchase. this prevents customers from getting angry at u. when working on my individual shelf of products, and a customer would come and ask me something, i always stopped what i am doing and guide to customer to what he or she needs, if i cant help, then i take them to someone i can. in that order, first come first serve, customers and lastly, individual responsibilities come last.


Describe how you prioritize tasks.

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Name a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer.

Traditional retail interview questions, nothing unexpected: Dealing with difficult customers, explanation of short-term goals, why Nordstrom, etc. They did ask if I was familiar with the history of the store, and I was (I read the wiki before I went in), but I didn't feel like saying no would've had a negative impact on the interview.

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