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What kind of engineering to you see yourself doing? (Applications, Design, or Installations)

1 Answer

I didn't really know at the time, I just wanted the job. But I emphasized wanting a Design role.

Please come up with a new market that Verizon can tap into.

1 Answer

Nothing hard, except for the test maybe... i don't know present your solution and reasoning. They asked me to hold the product and tell them what it was made out of?

1 Answer

Define [Insert your field here].

1 Answer

Can you describe a situation where you disagreed with someone that you worked with? How did you resolve it?

1 Answer

How would you design a voltage regulator if you had a FET, a comparator and whatever resistors and capacitors you need?

1 Answer

Derive opamp gain equation, and explain RC filter and its topology.

2 Answers

Mostly behavioral questions, strengths/weakness, why you want to work at Honeywell.

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