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HW - design a product for a certain function and answer a given set of questions, present it nicely (not using powerpoint)

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How would you go about implementing a certain product for a given function

How should we change about Profiles?

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What are metrics that we should look at when evaluating Facebook search?

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Q: What is your favorite product? How would you improve it?

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General behavioral questions along with marketing concepts. Unfortunately, they never came back on what the final result was. I sent them many emails asking for feedback, but there was no response at all - very unprofessional of them.

During Case Study, after describing features every new game should have, they asked me: "Rank each of these features by their importance." It was really tough to answer on the spot, so I said it would depend on the lifecycle of the game, as retention would be more important for older games, and user acquisition would be more important for newer games. Not sure if that was correct.

How do you get non-buyers to view more ads without offering them anything more than buyers? What are the risks with your ideas? Should you tell buyers you are giving more ads to non-buyers?

How would this graph look different if we saw a x% of decrease in DAU on day 14? What would the curve of the graph look like given a hypothetical scenario?

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How would you improve your favorite Facebook product?

Q: How would you add a food item to a menu in a restaurant?

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