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Wait for 2 weeks for exam, 2 weeks for interview, 2 weeks for drug test and records, 2 weeks for orientation, 2 weeks for academy training, and 2 weeks for driving course, and the training and showing from the facility you work. Then the fun really starts when you are on evaluation paid not the hourly. My suggestion is get to know and understand your job requirement and how employee truly feel about their job. Landing the job is cake, but the actual reality is the job kicked my butt big time. I see old ladies ran circle on me. The job is hard and it does take a long waiting period to get paid. So find out if this is what you want first before you spend long period of unpaid time and exhaustion. Good luck with whatever choice you made.

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Simple interview structure.

so you were in training with no pay?

Can you handle basically being your own supervision?

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Q: Have you ever worked outdoors before?

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Q: Are you comfortable driving in bad weather i.e. Snow, rain, etc.

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None of the questions were unexpected.

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How do you deal with a situation you don't have an answer for?

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What to do if you are approached by an angry customer? / What to do when an co-workers request your help? / How to handle change in your daily routine?

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What makes you a good fit?

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