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Account Manager Interview Questions in Sacramento, CA

"When interviewing for an account owner position, be prepared to speak to your skills in communications, marketing, and client relations. Employers will be interested in your ability to create long lasting relationships with clients and generate sales for a portfolio of accounts. Your interviewer may test your abilities with a role play question, so be prepared to give a mock sales pitch to a difficult client."

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What is more important customer service or making your number?

1 Answer

I personally think this may have been a question without an answer? I never did find out, without customer service you can't reach your number and you go against everything Apple stands for. However, if you do not make your number your time with Apple will be limited... so is there a right or wrong? You decide...

it's all just fake. It's a commission job that they dress up so those who are naive slowly get sold on it (cognitive dissonance)

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Is this something you are interested in?

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Most unexpected question: How would you describe your hopes and dreams?

How would you approach this client if they were extremely upset with the service you have provided?

What are some short term goals? What are some long term goals?

Are you comfortable with door to door kind of sales position?

Discribe a time when you had tackle a task that you weren't familiar with?