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Retail Store Manager Interview Questions in Sacramento, CA

"Retail store managers have many responsibilities including keeping increasing sales, handling displeased customers, and managing other employees. For this reason, retail store owners will be looking to hire individuals with great interpersonal skills and a proven history of increasing the profitability of retail stores. During an interview, expect to be given case studies about unsatisfied customers, underperforming employees, and other relevant scenarios."

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Tell me about a typical day in an ideal retail store? Tell me about yourself? Why would you be the best candidate for this position? What do you know about Merrell? What questions do you have about our company? The HR rep was looking for standards, attention to detail, consistency, a checklist for opening and closing, employee hiring experience, customer focus, conversion rates. Much less of a conversation and more of an emphasis on checking off the list of formatted questions.

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Standard S.T.A.R. format. HR rep was professional. Running a small store in the local mall (that's steadily seeing less customer traffic) wasn't an ideal fit for me but could be for someone who likes malls..

Describe ways in which you went above and beyond to deliver legendary customer service