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Senior Project Manager Interview Questions in Sacramento, CA

"When interviewing for a position as a senior project manager, you can expect to be asked not only about your skills and experience as a project manager but also about your ability to hire, place, and mentor other project managers, step in when when a troubled project needs to be turned around, and devise ways to continuously improve project management strategies. Prepare to answer questions about how you would resolve project issues of any size, incorporate the company's business needs into the decisions made in each project, and review projects to determine how you the company can improve from them."

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If given instructions from two different bosses, how would you resolve the conflict in priorities?

1 Answer

Working with both managers, prioritize and plan for appropriate outcomes and timeframes.

Questioned project manager processes and document

1 Answer

How much infrastructure experience do you have?

How do you resolve conflicts with co-workers, subordinates

questions about awareness of research methodologies, optimal ways to attract focus group participants, ways to ensure respondents show up for studies, best ways to create slides for a presentation and i had to show my excel spreadsheet skills by formatting a grid.

Very basic interview questions, essentially reiterating the same information presented on my resume.

Questions were related to the functions of the job (i.e. what is your experience with managing staff?").