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Truck Driver Interview Questions in Sacramento, CA

"When searching for a job as truck driver, be prepared to be asked about your past experience in the field. In addition to experience, employers are looking for drivers with clean records and who are willing to do long hours and be loyal to their company. The ability to communicate and be amicable are also attractive qualities to those hiring."

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Can you give me an example of how you interacted with a customer when there was an issue? (paraphrasing)

Was there ever a time where you didn't fulfill an obligation to your employer?

my driving qualifications and what i am looking for in a job

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What do you like most about your last job

FedEx is simply looking for people who follow rules, who do what they are told without ever questioning authority or having suggestions as how to do the job better. If you are a thinker this is not a good match, if your a lemming or think like a lemming you will fit into their work place well.

Give me an example of when you have dealt with a difficult customer/co-worker.

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Can you drive doubles?

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