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Cheney Brothers
Safety and Risk Manager was asked...February 10, 2016

Tell me about a time you were aware of an unsafe trend within your company. How did you respond to the situation and what were the results?

1 Answers

I provided an example that described the situation observed, my analysis and the results. Results given were immediate and long term results. As well, I provided the other changes made that were a result from the resolution. Less

Phoebe Putney

Aside from conducting the typical organizational survey, please identify specific steps you would take to improve the culture of safety, for inpatients, outpatients, visitors, and staff.

1 Answers

The organization is results driven organization - so the best response to this question is to use Lean Concepts and rapid cycle testing of research based ideas that have been effective. Be ready to discuss the plan in some detail - bring handouts of past success. Less


Tell me how you resolved a safety deficiency you observed during an audit.

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Assist facility mangement with resolution; don't just leave it up to them. Re-train, demonstrate proper procedure, etc. Less


What was my management style

1 Answers

Collaborative with goal setting


What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?

145 Answers

Be glad that I was flying solo that day.

Brush myself off and walk to this interview.

Sue the airplane manufacture and not have to answer another stupid interview question like this for the rest of my life. Less

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Rawabi Holdings

Are u willing to work in stress-full environment and work under pressure

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Sterling and Wilson

in case any worker does not follow to safety, then what are u doing??

2 Answers

First I will explain him what type of work he will do & what type of safety precautions he will taken for job & that precaution not taken by him then Accident is occurred That may cause personnel Damage or any property Damage. Less

I have stop the work & inform to Project manager & safety manager


Think of a time when you intervened when someone was doing something unsafe- can you describe how that went?

3 Answers

Dans un imeuble en construction de 8 etage un travailleur travaillait sur le. Balcon le revetement autour d la porte. Sans son arnait Less

Un employer retirait de l amiante sans masque en t shirt dans un projet d eglise transformer en condo Less

Un employer retirait de l amiante sans masque en t shirt dans un projet d eglise transformer en condo Less

Tata Projects Limited

they inquired about the circumstances in Srinagar and what do you conclude about it. First thing you'll do if you're appointed as a safety officer in an industry.

3 Answers

I am ready to join as safety office immediately

Yes,I will join immediately

1.I will join immediately

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

why the shift to government vs private?

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wanted to learn the other side of regulatory

K LukHi

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