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Safety Officer Interview Questions

"As a safety officer, you must become a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and some employers will also require you to be authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). During an interview, you'll be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of OSHA policies, local health and safety policies, and your ability to train employees. Prepare to answer behavioral questions meant to test how you would react to various hazards in the workplace and what extra measures you would take to ensure the safety of all employees. ."

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Aside from conducting the typical organizational survey, please identify specific steps you would take to improve the culture of safety, for inpatients, outpatients, visitors, and staff.

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The organization is results driven organization - so the best response to this question is to use Lean Concepts and rapid cycle testing of research based ideas that have been effective. Be ready to discuss the plan in some detail - bring handouts of past success.

Hse Importance

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There were several questions that addressed the job description's extensive requirement for flexibility and traveling. I was specially asked about being comfortable with the mobility agreement that is required for the position.

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To tell them a little about myself and my work history.

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You answered all of our questions favorably, so now tell us why should we hire you?

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If you do not know anything about the trucking industry, do your homework or you may not be able to answer a lot of their questions

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What was a difficult situation I was in at a former job and how did I handle it?

If I would stay as a full time employee

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Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years?

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