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Inside Sales Representative Interview Questions in Saint Louis, MO

"As an inside sales representative, you'll leverage your communication skills to close deals with clients over the phone. Employers are looking for candidates with strong interpersonal skills who can engage customers, build rapport, and deliver persuasive sales pitches. Come prepared to sell your interviewer a product and role-play a scenario with a difficult customer."

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List these three topics in level of importance to you. 1 - Product Knowledge. 2 - Building Relationships. 3 - Customer Service

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1.Building Relationships 2. Customer Service 3. Product knowledge There is no wrong answer as long as you can explain your thought process, but this is the answer they are looking for in the interview.

There wasn't a hard question that was asked. The most creative question I was asked was how to overcome an objection for a product I had no knowledge of. I stuck to basic rebuttal rhetoric from the Zig Ziglar guide and it went well!

To role play as if someone called in to order internet only and you have to sell a triple play package

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Interviewed by 3 Mangers: Manager 1: How will you connect with customers over phone? Scenario; If I'm out of training and I haven't made a sale in 3 weeks How will I go about doing better? What do you see as a big challenge working here from something you've done before? Manager 2: Also, asked How will I connect with customers over the phone? Do I read any sales materials? Describe your daily activities at your recent employer? Manager 3: Describe difference between Sales & Customer Service? Explain a time where you failed at something & how you overcame that? How Do You Handle Feedback? Role Played; Me as a Sales Rep working for Varsity Tutors

What was time in your life where you demonstrated true grit?

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How do you handle failure?

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