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Scientist Interview Questions in Saint Louis, MO

"The questions you are asked in an interview for a position as a scientist will depend greatly on field of science you intend to work in. Generally, interviewers will be interested in your formal education, field of study and specialization, work, internship, and research experience, scientific writing skills, and interest in the subject matter. Expect to be asked technical questions that pertain to the knowledge needed to perform the duties of the job. While there are some positions open to scientists who possess associates' or bachelors' degrees, most jobs will require you to have at least a masters' degree with the majority requiring you to have a doctorate."

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Describe a time when you disagreed with your supervisor- how did you handle it?

1 Answer

Discussed matter in private to understand all the factors in their side. Accept their decision and go forward.

What's your salary requirements? I always avoid answering this

1 Answer

Technical skills questions and behavioral questions

What do you drive?

1 Answer

Would you consider taking addition classes?

What experience do you have with Microsoft Word?

Asked about the science related to running Bioassays

Introduce about yourself, your projects. Ask a lot of questions about your presentations as well Why apply for this positon?

Explain in detail your knowledge of [biological process and what happens if x,y,z changes]

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