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Project Manager Interview Questions in Saint Petersburg, FL

As a project manager, it is your job to oversee the creation and execution of company projects and ensure that all team members stay on track to meet deadlines. Expect interview questions that will assess your ability to lead a group and communicate effectively to members with different roles and varying concerns. As the scope, schedule, and cost of a project can change frequently, the interviewer may ask you to role-play a few scenarios in which a project deadline changes or several group members leave the company.

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There were no mysterious or key questions. The interview consisted of a friendly open, honest conversation about my past accomplishments and experience. The hiring manager and I talked for about 35 minutes as he conveyed the position details and explained what was expected. One of the standard questions is to give an example of how you manged a particularly difficult situation with a given project, resource or vendor.

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You must be prepared to relate your experience and give clear examples at the same time you develop rapport with the hiring manager. Your answers should clearly demonstrate your abilities to successfully manage the project and its related work. Real life case scenarios work best. Also, clearly demonstrate that you will be an added value / asset to the work or project and that you can be an integral part of the team.

What is my favorite movie?

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How would you overcome not being familiar with our products and installation thereof?

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Describe a challenge or weakness that you have had to deal with in performing your job?

How long did I work at the SSI Group

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Why do you feel you qualify for this position? Why are you interested in Tech Data

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