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What would you do if a customer was getting angry and making a seen?

5 Answers

Try and get to what the customer is shopping for at the home depot.

Applied for Appliance Sales Associate

“I’m sorry you’re not happy with our product. Let’s see what we can do to make things right.”

Explain to me a time where you had to do something out of the ordinary that ended with good results?

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When can you start?

3 Answers

He made a comment to me that "oh I'm surprised they let you work there without a degree". I felt so belittled and if he would have taken the time to read my resume he would have seen I had a degree. To me it wasn't even worth it because this man was terrible he had no clue on how to interview and he was all about himself. I just did not even care to interview after what he said to me. I did not even tell him I had a degree. But then he goes on to say the person they have working in HR was not an HR person she learned the ropes. Then he had the nerve to say oh I thought you were working in a corporate office, not a store. Then he said oh I didn't read over your resume. Well how terrible is that. I came in for an interview and you did not have a clue about me. I just want people to know that that is not a way you do an interview. He made me feel smaller than small and he actually hurt my feelings. All he did is gloat about himself and his 401k and other things. Clearly this person was as unprofessional as they come.

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Would you work Holidays?

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What do you about the company?

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almost all that listed here actually! Thanks!

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tell me about a time where you messed up & how did you fix it?

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why do you want this job

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